Friday, September 6, 2013

Comments Section Back Open For Business

I cannot figure out what to do with our half bath.

We got an old scratched, stenciled table for a song at a local antique store. Can't wait to use it as a desk.

The Janester has no problem expressing herself.

I spotted yellow leaves. YELLOW LEAVES!

Also, I'm headed to the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference Unplugged  this weekend! If you're going please give me a shout. I'm excited to meet blogger ladies in real life, as opposed to email. Not that I don't love email. I mean, I can email friends when I haven't showered for days or brushed my teeth and they never know, as opposed to in real life where I actually have to make some kind of deodorant oriented effort. Be assured, I will be socially presentable this weekend, teeth brushed and everything.

On a side note, I've decided to open my comment section back up. I needed a break for a while, and honestly the troll comments really got me down. But, in the past year my skin grew a little thicker and Paxil creates a Star Wars type deflector shield for me. My emotions are still there, but not quite so, shall we say, peaked. Can the anxiety disorder section of the church give me an amen?

But a lot of you have emailed and said that you wish you could comment, and that it creates an "un-social" feel on my blog. That was never, ever my intention. So, comment away. Or don't. Or Troll. I'll be here listening, answering questions or comments, or ignoring them if they're foul. Either way, comments are back. Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading. I appreciate you ALL.

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