Friday, August 16, 2013

New Curtains. Less Hustle.

I hung new curtains in the dining room yesterday and thought to myself, "I'm going to slow down on the blog."

I've been waffling back and forth for at least a year on this topic, and it's been stressful. I worry that if I'm not posting often, five days a week, I'll lose readers. But as I was working in the dining room, hanging curtains with the double doors open in the kitchen, rare 70 degree breezes gusting through the house, I should have been relishing the moment.

It's never fall-like in August, and yet, it was. I never find fabric I like, but I'd fallen in love with burnt coral jersey fabric with tiny white ruffles AND I'd bought it with a 40% off coupon. AND I like it better than the expensive Anthropologie curtains I'd been eyeing (but would have had to sell my harvested eggs to buy).

I should have been in thrifty, decorating, weather loving heaven.

Instead I was thinking, "I better hurry up and take some blog pictures while the morning sun is bright."

That's when I realized it's time for things to change.

There's this unconscious hustle in blog world. There's hustle to keep up great posts. There's hustle to keep up great writing content. There's hustle to decorate, bake, garden, dress well, and photograph all of it. There's hustle to track the number of readers per month. There's just a lot of hustle.

I'm choosing to step out of the hustle. I'll still be here. I'll still be blogging, but life comes first. Blogging comes second. I hope you'll stick around. I hope I don't lose readers. But after doing this five days a week, for almost seven years, it's time to make a change. I think this will be positive. I think this will make me a better blogger, and a better writer. I think it will make me a better mother, wife, and friend.

So in the words of Joe Fox, "I'm still here. Talk to me."

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