Friday, August 2, 2013

Jane's "Big Guhl" Room Inspriation

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Last night I hugged Jane and said, "You're my sweet baby."

She pushed away and said, "NO. I a big guhl, mommy."

Just cut my heart out with a big old spoon why don't you kid.

But, it's the truth. She's entering "big guhl" territory and I'm slowly converting her room out of its nursery phase. Oh, a part of this process totally breaks my heart. When we took the front off her crib and converted it into her toddler bed I cried. The actual twin bed may drive me to drink.

We're going to have a potty-training-palooza very soon and I'm sure that too will make me cry, although for a whole different set of reasons. Poopy diapers are one thing. Poopy panties are the stuff of nightmares.


Luckily we have a vintage Jenny Lind bed in our garage waiting for a coat of red paint, and a new quilt made by my sainted mother-in-law especially for Jane. It will be a great bed. Truthfully, I'm a little bit jealous.

 *found here

I finally got off my duff and painted her room a color similar to this. Ah. Those toothpaste hues get me every time. I love them so. I realize this will probably ensure Jane will hate all shades of blue and green. She'll probably love yellow and orange. And then she'll become a tween and insist on painting her room something called "Acid Sherbet." And then I'll carefully and calmly explain that when she has a full time job and a house of her own she can paint it any color she likes.

*found here

This might be my favorite kid/nursery room of all time. And while there's no way to reproduce it without built in shelves, those twinkle lights are the best. Don't they just put it over the top into little girl fairy land? I strung some in Jane's room and they're her nightlight (we leave them on for an hour or so until she falls asleep).

She loves her "wites" and it just goes to prove that kids don't care about magazine worthy spaces. They care about how a room makes them feel. So far, Jane likes her room. She likes to play in it. Best yet, she likes to sleep in it. I consider that a victory of "big guhl" proportions.

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