Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summery Fog

This summer is a fog. It's gone so fast. The autumnal solstice is less than two months away. Somebody pinch me. No really, pinch me, because I love fall so much.

But I'm loving this summer too. It's our first summer in this house, and with every season we discover something new and different. The Rose of Sharon bushes behind the patio, for instance. They've been blooming for weeks. I've never seen these flowers before, but they're just magical.

Here are some of my favorite things this summer.

1. The BBC show Sherlock. Past seasons are on Netflix and it is really good.

2. Watching Jane eat biscuits with jelly. Beyond cute.

3. Hard boiled eggs.

4. Rain. Glorious thunder and rain.

5. Watching Sherlock while its raining. That's redundant, but it bears mentioning.

6. Stephen King. I haven't read his books since I was in my early 20's and I'd forgotten how fantastic he is.

7. The Conjuring. JUST KIDDING. Ya'll know I'm not going to see that. As I told Matt, "I can freak myself out all on my own, I don't need help." No Paxil jokes, please.

8. Cleaning the kitchen with candles on the window sill and Pandora on my phone.

9. Curly hair. I haven't straightened my hair in over a month.

10. Maxi dresses. Not because I think they're particularly flattering, but I don't have to shave my legs for days. In the middle of July. That's a true miracle.

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